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M/J Creative Photography 1 - Segment 2 - 2020-2021 is a Course

M/J Creative Photography 1 - Segment 2 - 2020-2021



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What do you think makes a photograph great? Do you want to take fun, interesting photographs of people, places, and pets to post for your friends or hang on your wall? Photo images are everywhere today. Sometimes we see hundreds in one day. But it’s obvious that not all photographs are the same—some are definitely cooler than others. In Middle School Photography: Drawing with Light, you’ll learn how to take those excellent, jaw-dropping photographs that you see in magazines and on your favorite social media sites. You’ll learn the basics of using a camera and how to avoid common photography mistakes. Once you get the hang of this process, you’ll be taking photos that will amaze your friends and have them wondering how you do it.

  This course is segment one of a two segment course.  If you are taking this for your online course requirement, you must complete BOTH segments to meet the requirement.  Please sign up for segment two AFTER you complete segment one.

Segment 2 Units (This Course)
  • Unit 6: Managing and Editing Photos
  • Unit 7: Vacation Photos
  • Unit 8: The Wild Side
  • Unit 9: Photographing People
  • Unit 10: Photographer Etiquette and Display
Segment 1 Units (Sign Up for This Course PRIOR to Taking Segment 2)
  • Unit 1: Introduction to Photography
  • Unit 2: Meeting Your Camera
  • Unit 3: Choosing a Subject
  • Unit 4: Elements of Composition
  • Unit 5: Background and Foreground

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