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M/J: Fundamentals of Web and Software Development - Segment 1 - 2020-2021 is a Course

M/J: Fundamentals of Web and Software Development - Segment 1 - 2020-2021

Started Aug 10, 2020


Full course description

We all love to play video games – but have you ever wanted to build your own? If you are interested in a career in technology but also want a creative outlet, Game Design might be the field for you. Learn how to build a game from the ground up in this interactive and hands-on course that will teach you all the ins and outs of making your own game. You will learn the importance of game structure and discover what makes a game fun, challenging, and interesting to players just like you. You will also have the opportunity to explore the design and creative process involved in game creation, learn block-based programs, and experiment with character and story development. As a bonus, you will leave the course with a digital portfolio of everything you created in class.

PLEASE NOTE:  This course is segment one of a two segment course.  If you are taking this for your online course requirement, you must complete BOTH segments to meet the requirement.  Please sign up for segment two AFTER you complete segment one.

Segment 1 Units (This Course)
  • Unit 1: What’s in a Game?
  • Unit 2: Starting from Scratch
  • Unit 3: Let’s Get to Work!
  • Unit 4: Time to Plan
Segment 2 Units (Sign Up for This Segment After Completing Segment 1)
  • Unit 1: Get Building!
  • Unit 2: Kick It Up a Notch!
  • Unit 3: Give Your Game Some Swagger!
  • Unit 4: The Finish Line!

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