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Canvas23-24: Piano (Keyboarding) Segment 1 T1 is a Course

Canvas23-24: Piano (Keyboarding) Segment 1 T1



Full course description

This a High School two segment course.  Start here for segment 1.

This High School course introduces students to the piano who have little or no prior experience playing. Beginning piano students will learn basic piano technique, playing styles, and music notation to play simple 2 hand songs on the piano. Students will analyze musical works, understand the role of piano in music history, and make cultural connections. By the end of this course, students will be able to play a small repertoire of beginning piano songs using proper piano technique and apply their knowledge of music theory to improvise, arrange, and compose songs. Concert participation for M/J Piano 1 is optional but highly encouraged.  A working electronic keyboard with charging cord or a tuned piano is required for this course.

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