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Canvas2021: American Sign Language 2 - Woods - Segment 2 is a Course

Canvas2021: American Sign Language 2 - Woods - Segment 2



Full course description

Segment 2 course.  Please finish Segment 1 before enrolling.

Segment 2: Building upon the prior prerequisite course, emphasis in this course is placed upon comprehension and signing. Learners will also continue to establish their communication skills and foster their understanding of deaf culture. In addition to learning classifiers, glossing, and mouth morphemes, students will explore vocabulary for descriptions, directions, shopping, making purchases, and dealing with emergencies.

Course Highlights

  • Gain additional vocabulary and confidence while taking your knowledge of ASL to the next level.
  • Communicate about everyday routines and activities.
  • Explore how expressions can enhance signs and lend dimension to conversations.
  • Dive deeper into the Deaf community and discover how culture impacts languages.

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