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Journalism 1 - Segment 1 - 2020-2021 is a Course

Journalism 1 - Segment 1 - 2020-2021

Started Aug 18, 2020


Full course description

Are you always the first one to know what’s going on at school or in your town? Maybe your Facebook or Instagram accounts are the reliable place for others to find the latest breaking news? If so, you are just the kind of person every online, print, and broadcast news outlet is searching for, and Journalism: Investigating the Truth is the perfect course for you! Learn how to write a lead that really “grabs” your readers, interview sources effectively, and write engaging news stories. You will explore the history of journalism and see how the modern world of social media can provide an excellent platform for news. Turn your writing, photography, and collaborative skills into an exciting and rewarding journalism career.

PLEASE NOTE:  This course is segment one of a two segment course.  If you are taking this for your online course requirement, you must complete BOTH segments to meet the requirement.  Please sign up for segment two AFTER you complete segment one.

Segment 1 Units (This Course)
  • Unit 1: The History of American Journalism
  • Unit 2: New Media Versus Old Media
  • Unit 3: Press Law & Journalistic Ethics
  • Unit 4: Understanding Rhetoric, Bias, & Point of View
  • Unit 5: Photojournalism, Social Media, & Advertising
Segment 2 Units (Sign Up for This Segment After Completing Segment 1)
  • Unit 6: How to Write Stellar News Stories
  • Unit 7: Researching Your Story Wisely & Well
  • Unit 8: Using Personal & Observational Sources
  • Unit 9: Preparing Posts for Publication
  • Unit 10: Understanding the Publication Process

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