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Creative Photography 1 - Segment 2 - 2020-2021 is a Course

Creative Photography 1 - Segment 2 - 2020-2021



Full course description

Segment 2 - Have you ever wondered how professional photographers manage to take such sensational pictures? How are they able to find just the right way to capture an image or moment in time? Perhaps you’ve even wondered why your own pictures don’t meet that standard. Creative Photography will answer these questions and help you understand more about the basics of photography. Learning about aperture, shutter speed, lighting, and composition is key for any serious photographer and will help you gain the confidence and knowledge you need to become one. You will not only follow photography through its history but also gain a basic understanding of camera functions, techniques and what it takes to shoot quality portraits, close-ups, action shots, and landscapes.

  This course is segment one of a two segment course.  If you are taking this for your online course requirement, you must complete BOTH segments to meet the requirement.  Please sign up for segment one BEFORE you complete segment two.

Segment 2 Units (This Course)
  • Unit 6: Special Techniques
  • Unit 7: People
  • Unit 8: Landscapes and Places
  • Unit 9: The Close-Up
  • Unit 10: Documentary and Action
Segment 1 Units (Sign Up for This Segment Before Completing Segment 1)
  • Unit 1: Introduction to Photography
  • Unit 2: The History of Photography
  • Unit 3: Aperture & Shutter Speed
  • Unit 4: Composition
  • Unit 5: Lighting

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