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Art in World Cultures -2020-2021 is a Course

Art in World Cultures -2020-2021



Full course description

Who do you think is the greatest artist of all time? Maybe Leonardo da Vinci? Michelangelo? Maybe a more modern artist like Claude Monet or Pablo Picasso? Or is it possible that the greatest artist of all time is actually someone whose name has been lost to history? In Art in World Cultures, you’ll learn about some of the greatest artists in the world while creating your own art, both on paper and digitally. This course explores basic principles and elements of art and teaches you how to critique different works of art. And along the way, you will get to discover some traditional art forms from various regions of the world including the Americas, Africa, and Oceania.

Course Units:
  • Unit 1: Introduction to the Visual Arts
  • Unit 2: The Elements and Principles of Art
  • Unit 3: Critiquing Art
  • Unit 4: Prehistoric Art
  • Unit 5: Ancient Art
  • Unit 6: Ancient Roman, Early Christian, and Medieval Art
  • Unit 7: The Renaissance
  • Unit 8: Art of the Americas
  • Unit 9: From the Baroque to the Romantic
  • Unit 10: Modern Art
  • Unit 11: African Art
  • Unit 12: Pacific Art

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